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Here I keep receiving stories to my email (already 913) from players and I decided to share them:

Hi, if you want your message to be published here, simply send your story to info@fuckpokerstars.com, thank you! I may not reply, but I post all here for everybody, my only reply can contain the rules about how to live life good without poker, thats all. But You, may help and/or participate in the biggest fight of the history against pokerstars! So, write us something if you have something to say! Everyone will appreciate that and will stop using these scam-services, and maybe some day all governments begin to notice this problem better and seriously.

Help us to improve fuckpokerstars.com website:

Today, on 21st April 2015, I desided to add this paypal button, because I want to change this site,
fuckPokerStars.com is going to have a lot of new features, comment postings, videos/photos uploads, awesome look and so so!
Support us, and we will make the pokerstars-scam-proof visible for world better..
If more money comes, will advertise also. Check our google analytics, and imagine what pokerstars dot com has..
We help you to save money, and you can help the others. Click to donate, 1-10 euros would be great, thanks!

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