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Here I keep receiving stories to my email (already 984) from players and I decided to share them:

Hi, if you want your message to be published here, simply send your story to info@fuckpokerstars.com, thank you! I may not reply, but I post all here for everybody, my only reply can contain the rules about how to live life good without poker, thats all. But You, may help and/or participate in the biggest fight of the history against pokerstars! So, write us something if you have something to say! Everyone will appreciate that and will stop using these scam-services, and maybe some day all governments begin to notice this problem better and seriously.
Please sign your petition on https://www.change.org/p/the-british-council-carry-out-a-full-audit-of-online-poker-sites. This will take you ~20 seconds. I have opened this myself on 17th November 2015 because prevous petition was closed on Feb 2015 by unknown action.

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Hi! I desided to add this paypal button, because I want to change this site with your help, fuckPokerStars.com wants have new features, comment postings with replies, photo/video uploads, new layout, everything put on CMS engine, database and etc.
Support some, and this site will look marvellous - Click to donate, few euros would be great
11.08.2015 - 3€ - from laptop87 (UK)

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