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pokerstars is not random - it's a scam, rigged and unfair to players!


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Hi you! Online poker? Online poker is not to win moneys, it is adrenaline that destroys you! The pokerstars software was and always being managed by bots (software players – not real people) or by pokerstars workers/owners who playing with you on the same table sorting their own cards and taking wins. Pokerstars is rigged as hell, they know your cards, they give a tricky river and you loose with your not quite the biggest hand! On pokerstars is huge action, not as in life poker, that makes you not to fold easily and to bet highly. Think, who is paying them, why they became this rich?! This is question. We pay, buddy! We throw money to them and they happy to take all as much as possible. This game is well advertised and many players who love poker and don't google 'what pokerstars is' are playing on pokerstars and later are making new deposit. So, this website is to protect you and everybody. Come and read the crushing player's stories who write us and understands the truth. Pokerstars and other online poker games are cheating everybody by preloaded hands and taking our money!

Send this link ( to everyone you know and love! Help them also to be aware of this scam!

Here is a quick example that will make you to believe faster:

I have opened (July 2011) and typed "pokerstars is" and watch what happened:

Google: PokerStars is..
Rigged, bullshit, a joke, cheating.. Wonderful! BTW, this is not just Pokerstars but also this affects Full Tilt and whatever poker, same shit..

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Now let me show you:

This is just one player Adi, who records this nice video of his hands on pokerstars, and imagine others..
what hands can be, and how much money is still thieve this software..

Do not trust Full Tilt and Pokerstars, do NOT! Stop playing there!! No more money for these pricks!

Fkn Baraichik) That thing stole everything!

PokerStars Sucks ass. These bastards think they are king dookie of the dunghill and it shows. They have an arrogant attitude toward their business partners because "We have two WSOP champions." Whoopty-shit. They treat their affiliates like garbage because they feel that they should not have to pay for players who are just dying to play there anyway. We might actually play at this damn site if their software would allow aces to hold up every now and then. We have seen aces drop to some of the most ridiculous long shots.

Furthermore, their software generates "Action Flops" more often than others. Far more often than other sites. These are the flops where unlikely events tend to happen in order to generate extra rake. For instance, if you hold AK and the flop comes A22, you expect to win, right? Wrong! One opponent has 23, one has K2, and one has AA! You get stuck for a lot of money. To the untrained eye, aces do not come on the board any more often than they should. However, when three players have an ace in their hand, you would expect the final ace to appear rarely. Apparently PokerStars' definition of rarely is "On every river". Moving all in on a flop with the best hand is always a scary experience. You are best server to cover your eyes, because if your opponent has an out, even one, he will hit. Poker Stars is also the king of the dominated hand loss. Do not expect to with with AK against AQ.

Playing the best hand at PokerStars is like shoving hot rocks up your ass. You always hope next time will be different, but it always hurts just the same. Boycott these fuckers.

Poker Stars also does not offer a deposit bonus. Again, why should they pay players to come when everyone wants to play there anyway? Arrogance will be their undoing. May they rot in hell when their players turn on them.

These arrogant pricks can go stuff their WSOP champs up their asses. They deserve to lose the poker industry game.


Here are few examples how pokerstars is owning you on the fucking river:
Another fucking pokerstars river
Riverstars, what else to expect:
Fucking pokerstars river
Aces for everybody and a worst hand win by a fucking river:
Pokerstars is the bullshit
River, river and river...:
Pokerstars is a scam
The chances to happen the bullshit like this is ~1:10^20, but pokerstars is not random:
Pokerstars is a trololo
Really? This is just great! Thank you pokerstars! And note that deuce was on the turn.. how sly are they:
Pokerstars is the mafia game
River deuces quads against kings full, ooouf corse... nothing new:
Pokerstars is a scamest scam in the world
Usual suckout by jokerstars:
Pokerstars is a bullshit
Pokerstar system:
Doom switch on poker
Watch these fucking flushes, how can this be random?:
Pokerstars fucking river
And again, and again, flush against full boat on riverstars:
Pokerstars crazy
Niice riverrr, see this often on riverstars:
Pokerstars sucks ass
Why not? Give to victim trips on the flop and wait while he is busted:
Pokerstars is bullshit

Fuck for fukin' real!


1,360,000 hands. That is how many hands we have tracked on We have been monitoring all-in situations at for the past year and we have come to the conclusion that the games at this site are unfair and biased toward poor play. Read on to see our methodology.

How we tracked it:
By using 15 different computers running PokerStars software and each monitoring five tournament tables at once, we were able to isolate nearly 1.4 million hands where two or more players were all in against each other preflop. These hands were then grouped into three categories: 80/20 (i.e. pair vs. pair), 70/30 (i.e. AK vs. AQ), and 60/40 (i.e. JT vs. 45). We broke these matchups down and analyzed each. After reviewing all hands, we would expect the higher of two pocket pairs to hold up 81% of the time and tie about 0.5%. We would expect a high card hand matching neither of the opponent's cards to hold up roughly 59% of the time, with about 1.1% ending in a tie. Finally, we would expect dominating hands to win 71% of the time with 1.1% ending in a tie. The margin of error for win percentages is +- 1.7%.

The results:

Poker sucks!

Other Findings:

We became curious about what was going on so we looked closer at many of the 70/30 hands (a three-outer). We found that hands such as Kx vs. Kx were within the standard deviation, as was Qx vs. Qx. We did not have enough hands of Jx and lower in 3-outer situations to analyze. Upon looking closer at Ax hands we found that the weaker Ax beat the better Ax (i.e. A4 beating AK) about 4% more than it should. We also found than Ax vs a pocket pair beat the pocket pair more than 12% more often than it should! So clearly aces flop too often, right? Wrong. Simply looking at flops shows an even distribution of aces. However, when players are all in and need an ace, it tends to appear. When no ace is needed it does not appear, balancing out the discrepancy. Furthermore, we found that when two players held an ace, one or both of the remaining aces would appear on the board over 30% of the time. This is a huge discrepancy, nearly double the total of about 19% expected. We can only guess that this is to induce action, as this statistical anomaly does not occur with other cards.


PokerStars is NOT a fair site! We do not recommend that you play there until they address these statistical anomalies. If they contact us about these things, we will confront them with the hand histories we recorded. Regardless of their response, our study is statistically significant enough to warrant extreme caution when dealing with PokerStars.

A very good comment:

Pokerstars can change the outcome of any game. They can factor a winning and losing % to each name that signs on. If you have complained in the past you will very rarely win. If you do win a hand by chance, you will probably wind up splitting the pot. I have sat at 38 different 10/20 NL tables the other night and each table I sat down I alway got a 3 or 4 drop on my closed card. The odds are highly impossible to drop 27 3's and 24 duces and all other under cards were under 6. for a total of 38 hands. So last night I tried again with 100k starting and my losing % after 50 games was 96% FIXED, Rigged or whatever you want to call it. Please do not play with real monies you will definitely lose in the end. Programs can be tampered with.

Fuck online cheating

Here watch this video suckout with pocket KKings:

[VIDEO] Pokerstars is Rigged:

[VIDEO] Great Folds:

[VIDEO] AK unrandom Suckouts:

[VIDEO] War on Scamstars:

[VIDEO] The truth about pokerstars:

My opinion:

I've been playing on pokerstars just for fun not for a long time, lost not much ~100 dollars in total, and I got the feeling that something is wrong with this game, so I started to search for information from internet. And you know what? Everybody is complaining that pokerstars is rigged! Cards are not random at all, I was so pissed after loosing again the last time, loosing 10 dollars in poker feels like you lost a thousand, it's better to throw these 10 dollars from window rather than to loose them on this scam site, because this shit game is really cheating! So I lost.. and even with my big anger I broke a fork when I was eating and scratched a finger a little, damn them... Whenever you play small bets you win, when you do bets higher you always lose! That is what pokerstars does to you, they want to show you that - "Yes, it is real to win, buddy, please play! We know you like it!", but in the end they will just steal all your cash, because you have increased your passion into this fucking game! They have a lot of addicted players, they have nothing to lose if someone like me understands their rig. Government does nothing, nobody does nothing for sake! Nobody can do anything! Who is going to fight?

If you going to question: "Well, but there are same players like me! What is the problem?" - you are wrong! In almost every table there are 1 to few BOT players, not a human, but the program, you can't chat with them, try next time to make sure! I am the programmer and I know what I am saying. So these bots are rigging the hand for their benefit and pokerstars takes it! Where there are no bots in table then pokerstars gives money to newest or to the player who didn't win for a long time, why? To make him feel better, to make him believe that he is a good poker player! So he will continue playing on pokerstars and later to be owned by pokerstars!

So I said fuck that, fuck this pokerstars and other online shitty poker games too.. and I opened this website after all to protect you guys from those montherfuckers - cheaters and I want pokerstars to be ended. This is not a fair game, they must be punished for what they do to all people. I like gambling sometimes, so whenver I start getting this crazy idea about playing online poker games – I will go to instead to read and watch vids again, and my advice is to you to do the same!

If you want to play a poker, then play Texas Hold'em with real people, in the real place and at the real table! Popular professional players don't play pokerstars. Hell no, especially with random "bot" or not players! Seen few times they play one by one only. They play in real, and they win in real! Pokerstars is just paying them for advertising their money-stealing-software, that is why you see pokerstars logo on their t-shirts or caps or underwear! They want to make people believe that everything is OK with online gambling, but this is not true. I've been sending them bunch of emails, and they as usual giving a shit. Pokerstars is a robbery-business which should not be legal!

This pokerstars is even cheating players to give win-money back easily, read this story! These guys are mafia. Save yourself..

How to quit pokerstars:

Hey guys, if you are weak to quit pokerstars, do the same what I did :)
Open that shit program, go to Requests - Responsible Gaming - Exclude me from playing..., tick I agree to be Self-Excluded for: 180 day self-exclution, Yeah) Immagine if everyone does the same!
Below are screenshot-instructions (clickable):

By the way, on summer 2015 I went to local casino, played, realized, came to assistant and.. and signed paper to exclude myself from playing there for 3 years and from all casinos :) So that when I get drunk, I wouldn't go there anymore again. Because when I drink i want some actions. I had there couple of royal flushes, but there are cameras and workers behind, that study every player.. Later I had a try to come to totally different casino to test, showed my ID, and yes, worked!)) So I desided to forget gambling entirely. Better I will have some life already. From impressions from friends, from nature, science and my hobbies.

What is a deck of cards?

The total number of ways of laying out the deck is then:

52 x 51 x 50 x 49 x 48 x 47 x ..... x 3 x 2 x 1

This is '52 factorial', or 52! (the exclamation point being the symbol for 'factorial')

The value of 52! is incredibly large. It's a 68-digit number:

In all those shuffles you wouldn't have rearranged the cards even a fraction of the total number of possible ways! But there are numerous complaints about patterns in the community card texture in online poker.

The real question is out of this number 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000 how many possible ways are there to write a shuffle script to induce action with the community cards?

What I am implying is that a poker site can possibly use only a select arrangement /fraction of that number to deal their games so that action is induced with the community cards/whole cards. It would be easy for them to do it with the right computer programmers.

How much is the all possible shuffles?

1 atom mass is: ~1.6605x10-27 kg
The Earth planet mass: 5.972x1024 kg
The Solar system mass: 1.989x1030 kg
Amount of all atoms on our Earth: 5.972x1024 / 1.6605x10-27 = 3.597x1051 atoms
The total number of ways of laying out the deck (52!) which is: 8.066x1067 possible 52-card deck shuffles
If you don't believe, then take 3 cards and make all possible shuffles, you get 1x2x3 = 6. For 4 cards you get 24, for 5 is 120 and etc.

Conclusion: There are 2.242x1016 times deck shuffle ways more than amount of atoms on Earth! Or 6.733x1010 (67 billion) times more than the atoms amount of our Solar system!... Can you believe? The regular deck of cards.. Hmm, how much the Milky Way galaxy weights?) too bad, we cannot measure;

So, do You still think online poker is not rigged?
The amount of different card shuffles in deck is just infinite, but we always see huge action on riverStars.
Pokerstars is not poker! It is sucking money out from population business, that's all. As other online poker industries and all scam sites, they force you to believe in them with ads, so that you deposit your n-amount of cash without getting anything back, but emotions and bad adrenaline.

Did you know?

In movies, if someone cheats in poker table they get shot from the gun!
Good for pokerstars, they are hiding from players on the Isle Of Man, and they have no government (for the reason)..

Save your money, do not waste them in pokerstars!

Save your money!!! Use it for something better! Buy useful things, go and get some new clothes, electronics, good food... or whatever
If you don't want anything right now, just wait, and you will need your money soon, I promise.
Save your time, it's short. Playing cards takes and time and health..
If you think you are strong now, I assure you - time is stronger than you
Live your life with high quality, with impressions, but not as desperate with poker!

Poker should be a game of luck , but fair for all

The online poker industry turns over billions of pounds every year and to my knowledge they have never been audited by the Britsh Government to ensure fair play. Many people believe at best that online poker is not as random as human dealt poker and at worst is either manipulated to create "big" hands to increase their rake or totally corrupt. Many people have suffered both financially and mentally due to heavy loses on these poker sites and everything should be done to ensure at the very least they are fair for all.
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And, hey! Do you want to look like him?

pokerstars is rigged - loosing was not my fault!
Don't play poker in online and you won't!

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Fuck yea

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